Fabienne Carraz reviewed Empower 7 –
5 star
10 June 2017

Not many have had the courage to discuss and share this important topic. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend but we met up before and have had many thought provoking conversations .
Thank you for your thorough research and clear articulation that comes from the heart

MLB reviewed Empower 7 –

6 June 2017

The Empower 7 development programme is quite invaluable. Why? Because the facilitator (Hyacinth Myers) is highly skilled, compassionate, empathetic and professional in the way she engages with everyone. Patient, calm and insightful, Hyacinth shares much of her personal journey which in turn allows you to do the same. Without realising it, I found myself immersed in the whole experience and in the course of just a few hours, felt empowered, less burdened & ‘released’.
Thank you Hyacinth. You are a beautiful human being and the consummate professional.

Karen Ross reviewed Empower 7 –
5 star
29 May 2017

I was so glad I attended the launch of Hyacinth’s Empower 7 Programme. I found the evening to be extremely inspiring, emotional and professional. It was so refreshing to hear Hyacinth be so transparent about the many adversaries she’s been through in her life. Her strength, courage & honesty are qualities that I know will help make this Programme an excellent contribution to our community. Well done Hyacinth you are an inspiration to us all!

Charmaine Odusina reviewed Empower 7 –
4 star
25 May 2017

I would definitely recommend Hyacinth’s services to any woman who has experienced trauma and adversity in their lives and is ready to make positive changes. She has a very calm, caring approach and is the best person to sensitively guide you through to embrace a better way forward.

Seema Mangoo reviewed Empower 7 –
5 star
23 May 2017

I attended the Empower 7 launch event. Hyacinth is an inspiring woman who has so much knowledge and experience to share. The others in attendance were clearly in awe too. It was fantastic to be in a supportive environment, where everyone felt safe.

Talibah Stevenson reviewed Empower 7 –
4 star
23 May 2017

I attended Hyacinths much anticipated Empower 7 launch, what stood out for me was witnessing her courage to bare her soul, talking about some of the adversities and traumas she had gone through and her remarkable resilience. She’s not just talking about how she can heal but has been able to do this for herself. An amazing advocate for bringing out what needs to be healed to enable our lives to be fulfilled and on purpose. Thanks Hyacinth, looking forward to joining your programme soon!

Marcia Grell reviewed Empower 7 –
5 star
20 May 2017

I attended the launch of Empower 7 and was met with kindness and warmth. The host Hyacinth started by taking us on her own very emotional and personal journey, and that type of honesty meant we were in a safe space. She has been an amazing addition to my life and has guided my family more than she could ever imagine. A truly amazing night. Wishing you all the very best.