Gratitude Challenge

... As things are tightening up again and just as winter is starting Why not hang out with some positive women spending 4 days in complete Gratitude .?Tired.?Fed up?A bit isolated?Keep feeling guilty about wanting more?But sabotaging yourself? More info here and in BIO Sistercircle is forming. We're holding hands. Feel free to join … Continue reading Gratitude Challenge

Waves of Light

#BLAW2020 This  week has been 9-15 #BLAW2020 #babylossawarenessweek The last day is a culmination of Candles celebrating the #waveoflight2020Though I no longer get as sad as I used to, I cry for all the other mothers who know this pain. Today is Remembering Shaka the mighty Warrior son who joined the Ancestors at 3 weeks … Continue reading Waves of Light

EMBRACE Your Life!

Embrace your life.  Positive or Negative alike.  You would not be you without your experience.  You would not grow without challenges.  You will not feel Joy without celebrating your successes. Sometimes people use these words and they really haven't experienced whatever they claim to be an expert in etc.  I can tell you from the … Continue reading EMBRACE Your Life!

EMPOWER 7 Launch 30th March 2017

Good Afternoon all, I hope you are well and happy in yourself.  Life is too short! If you’re still undecided about attending the Launch of EMPOWER 7 on 30th March then go within. Early Bird Tickets END tomorrow on 21st March. If you want to meet other inspiring women, hear my story, Experience a mini workshop … Continue reading EMPOWER 7 Launch 30th March 2017