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Hoping all is well with you!!

I am currently Crowdfunding and it ends in a few hours would love your help Sharing and Supporting this in its final hours.


All help appreciated

Your Sister in Spirit

Hyacinth x

Crowdfunder Live !!


As many of you may be aware I have finally launched the Crowdfund to raise money for 7 Women to come through the 7 Week Programme and Publish the EMPOWER 7 Book.

Please Share and Support and any questions please contact me. I’d be glad to help!


Have a Wonderful weekend

Your Sister in Spirit


Happy New Year!


Here’s to a Phenomenal year achieving your dreams, fantastic health, insight and creating your life by design.

Remember however hard things get there is always a way out.
Lean on those who genuinely love and support you unconditionally.

Love and Take care of those important to you and Encourage others to pursue their dreams

And Remember 2018 will be as wonderful, inspiring and as miraculous as you THINK.!
Love and healing light blessings

Season’s Greetings


Season’s Greetings All,

I hope you are well and healthy. It’s the time of the winter sniffles and illnesses. Today is also the Winter Solstice so a wonderful time.

This year has been fantastic and so full of new experiences. I have been doing a number of things of which I’ll write my yearly summary over the festive period. Look out for the Crowdfunding campaign launching Christmas eve and it’s left for me to say THANK YOU for all your support over the past year.

Here’s a toast to an enjoyable holiday period and remember if you are going through Challenging times to think of the outcome you want for the future so you stay focused.

See you in 2018!

EMPOWER 7 Sister Circle NEXT week!


Ever feel like you are alone although there are millions of People in London?
Need some space with Women only to Relax, Meditate and Reflect?

Well starting this Month Hyacinth Myers from EMPOWER 7 Her Signature Programme will be holding Sacred Space for 2 hrs every Month.  There have been many of you who have been asking Can we? Should we? and Lets’s create!

This is for any Soul Conscious Woman/ Sister who has been through serious Adversity but healing or healed on a Journey of Self discovery towards Living a Life on Purpose.  So Book your ticket it’s a steal and I can’t guarentee the price will stay the same plus we only have room for a magical 13 ladies due to the room size.

N.B Please note- This is not a Therapeutic Counselling or Support group and is not suitable for any Women who is suffering from any Psychotic episodes or immediate Mental Health Crisis.

THIS IS A PAID EVENT in Advance £ 10 or 2 for £15


Look forward to seeing you there. Only 13 Spaces

Your sister in service


EMPOWER 7 Workshop


Workshop on 28th NOVEMBER 2017-  6.30 – 8.30pm.  Early bird £37 or Standard £47.

Module 3 of the EMPOWER 7 Women’s Development Programme is here.  Spend 3 hours in the evening really getting to know yourself more and who really has POWER over your Life.  You are in the driving seat regardless of your Story and Experiences.  You do not have to be a Victim of your Circumstances, be Soul Conscious Creators.

In this session we go on a journey using reflective exercises in a group, Meditation as I take you on a Guided visualisation and generally talk and share. Everything is carefully planned so you get the best from the session and learn something new or look at an aspect of your life differently.  You can share what you want as it is a safe space and if you’re still unsure please book to come to the sister circle where you can meet me and see if the Workshop a week later is for you.  Places may go though as only 13 Women can attend each session so book soon.

It took me over 25 years, thousands of pounds and many mistakes so you don’t have to.  We all have our stories but it quite honestly is Mindset that determines our destiny.  If you are ready for change, inspired to take action and want to be with an Intuitive, compassionate woman who has been through serious adversity herself then BOOK.  Your time will not be wasted and you will leave feeling excited to Create your Life by Design.

Early Bird is £37 if booked by 21st November otherwise Standard is £47


Your sister in service



Stand up for your Rights


Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are well on this sunny day in London.  Here’s my Latest News. Every Wednesday you will receive updates via my FB Page http://www.facebook.com/hyacinthmyers or here http://mailchi.mp/19b6ccef070b/stand-up-for-your-rights

Weekly Tips are at the bottom.

Enjoy and Please feel free to Subscribe, Contact me with any questions or Comments

Your Sister in Service