You are blessed. We are waiting for you. Please guide the fearful for they do not know this new way and need to be held. Paradise is now waiting. Old abusive structures and dark forces are dismantling. What is in the dark is coming to the light. Focus on World healing Peace and One global family. Good will prevail over evil. Loved ones lost will transcend although premature here continue their legacies. What did they teach you that you must now teach? We beings of light many of you do not know are here and have always been here to help, support, uplift and love you. Do not be scared.! Create positive thoughts to reclaim this world as paradise. You can and you will so raise your vibration daily. Trust us. Trust source. Trust what you cannot see. We are here to raise humanity onto a love frequency. Believe me. And so it is!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Asè Asè Asè! In the name of our beloved Ancestors and previous light workers “We Love You” ….

Ascension Meditation Channelled message