Greetings my most beautiful ones,


It has been waaaayyy too long since I sent out some London love to you so I thought I’d just send you a little reminder that I am still here and though have been somewhat absent from your life if you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, don’t worry I am returning to your inbox for 2020.


How have you been? and how has this year been for you? Mine has been great but also challenging like many as this was the year of finishings and rebirth.  Next year we get to put it all into practise.

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The Website will be undergoing Construction so don’t be alarmed if things start to look different.  Everything will slowly be moving over to too so you can find all the info on both sites.

I’ll send out a Newsletter before Christmas arrives but for now Please take time out to try to get Balance while the rush starts.

Have a Wonderful week and please email or reply to this post with any comments or updates you want to share with me.

Take Care

Your Sister in Spirit x




I can’t believe it’s that time already…