Happy New Year…..2016

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Good Afternoon and A Happy New Year to you all!  I hope the holiday season was great for you.

Well 2016 is going to be a great one and has kicked off with some exciting ideas, projects and connections with people.  I hope your New year has started as positively.

Last year was a year of much inner work and rethinking the Business and way I have been working.  It was also a time for testing new ideas, projects and it will continue this year.  January will be a continuation of that and Collaboration with numerous organisations.  What are you going to do different?

For now I will leave it there but will have updates weekly and offers etc.  There will also be a newsletter soon so I will ask you to sign up if not already.

You can keep connected via FB: Soul Conscious Creations, Instagram: Soul_Conscious_Creations and LinkedIn: Hyacinth Myers

Enjoy your coming week and Keep sending Gratitude for the wonderful things in your life.

Until Next time

Light Blessings





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