Business is BIG Business!


Greetings beautiful ones,

Once again the sun is shining and I hope you have had a great week since the last post. Spring is definately in the air and everywhere you look it’s Business…… Starting businesses, growing businesses, branding, storytelling and the list goes on. Let’s face it, now is the time and Business with all it’s various elements and strands really is big business.

Tomorrow I will be at one of the biggest events of the year at The Excel centre, The Business Show 2015 and Business Start Up. It is rumoured to be Europe’s Biggest Business Event of 2015 and have everything you need to start, grow and expand your business as the strapline says.

Now really is the time to Start a business and also now more than ever there is an enormous amount of help out there. Even in the past year service providers have grown and tell me if you have not come across anyone yet who is trying to sell you a system, use a method or talk about increasing sales and building leads. I personally have been thrown in the deep end and whereas would have a team of people focusing on their skills to do everything but my job role….I am wearing many hats. It is fun but very time consuming and though I would like to one day learn about building a site with no training and expertise or Accounting and Book keeping I (like many other small businesses) am learning on the job. As a great accountant said to me yesterday….”It’s not the most efficient use of my time”….here here! You can get distracted in the minefield of information out there so for now I’d suggest bearing these 3 things in mind.


By this I mean the Why? What and for Who? this is for. I have found this hard as I do a range of things but have spent the last few weeks thinking and drawing out in more depth what my business is. Who is it for? and why I am doing what I do? This forms part of your branding and the whole story people keep on talking about. It is the unique You and authentic you if being real and not trying to implement some system for attracting more clients.


If your business is multi faceted like mine please don’t do what I was doing which really did waste more of my time than necessary. Don’t do everything at once. Take each part and concentrate on that even if it is for a few hours. I am working on a number of projects and apart from moving further on I am also now clearer as to the direction I need to go.
Hint: Spidergrams are great. I used them in University more for essay planning but am now using them for the 7 Module Women’s programme I am nearing completion and a book I am hoping will be published and launched in time for Black History Month this October 2015.


I can testify that I am one of the proudest “I can do everything myself” people I have come across. In business that really has to go because you will struggle and make things harder for yourself unnecessarily. It’s not worth it. A few simple words to someone and advice, help, blessings, manifestations will occur. It was only last week I said to a friend I really need to see an accountant and if you knew the series of events that unfolded you’d think I was making it up. Not only did I manage to meet not one but two accountants for a FREE one hour one-to-one with them yesterday, they were with the large firm KPMG. That was blessed. I have also come across a number of Entrepeneurs and Millionaires who have been so helpful all for NO payment and me not even asking for their help. I can safely say I am now NOT afraid to come forward any more because I will make this business successful.

So for all of you out there reading, Think…..Plan…..and Manifest your Dreams because no one else will do it like you do. Business IS Big Business but there is more than enough room in the market for you.

Until next time

Stay Blessed and Inspired