EMPOWER 7 Programme


Official Launch of Services was 30th March 2017 of my Signature Women’s Programme Empower 7 (c).  Individual Workshops are offered for Overcomers of Adversity and Trauma who are Stuck at that final hurdle to Live a Life on Purpose.

The 7 Week, 7 Module Programme is a Women’s Development Programme using Meditation, Reflective exercises, Creative activities to begin or accelerate a Journey of Self Discovery. This is a group of 13 Maximum Women.

Module 1-  EMBRACE Yourself and the Life you have.  Where you have been.  Where you are and Where you are going Unconditionally.  Everything happens for a reason so let’s get Positive.

Module 2- MOTIVATE Yourself.   Don’t spend Years waiting for Others to Motivate you when everything you seek outside is within. Create your dream life after reflection and introspection.

Module 3- POWER over your Life.  You are in the driving seat regardless of your Story and Experiences.  You do not have to be a Victim of your Circumstances, be Soul Conscious Creators.

Module 4- OVERCOMING ADVERSITY because living in Past causes you to feel Stuck in your Life, Unhappy, Depressed and Anxious.  You have been through it Physically now it’s time to move through it mentally in a supportive group.

Module 5- WELLNESS holistically, Mind, Body and Spirit.  Let’s look at all aspects and see what ideas and changes you may want to adapt for your highest and greatest good. Love yourself!

Module 6- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE the way you Communicate with others says a lot about how you are.  By being aware of how you control, express and handle your emotions in various situations will determine the series of events that follow.

Module 7- RESILIENCE and your ability to recover fairly quickly from Negative situations, difficulties and Adverse situations.  Some academics have referred to it as Post Traumatic Growth but regardless of what you believe a Challenging difficulty can either Make or break you or your spirit as a person.

FULL Programme is £349 Standard or the Taster Workshop is £47 for a Half day.

The Programme is available as a 1-2-1 Programme also with Gold, Diamond or Platinum Packages starting at £197 for Modules 1-3. Please ask for Details as a Complimentary Discovery Call will be needed in order to see if this is right for you.

If you are interested in these then please sign up below for the Mailing List and Newsletter or email me at soulcc@live.co.uk or Call 07456 713 830.

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